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The Different curls for eyelash extensions

In the beginning, there was only J curl. This is a straight lash with a little curl at the tip. So, while the side view was great when you looked in the mirror it was hard to see anything in front. Then came the birth of B curl, C curl, CC curl, D curl, L curl. The B...
Eyelash extensions styling

Eyelash extensions styling

Hey a lot seems to go into eyelash extensions than just sticking it in does it not. I must admit for the first 2 years I worked I did not do much of eyelash styling. Later, I realised that eye styling was very important for eyelash extensions as it is for makeup....
Eyelash extensions styling

The different thicknesses of eyelash extensions

  Eyelash extensions come in different thicknesses. In the not so distant past the only ones available were .20, .25 and .30 thicknesses. As the art of lash extensions evolved it was seen that these thick lashes would damage the natural lash because they were too...
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