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In the beginning, there was only J curl. This is a straight lash with a little curl at the tip. So, while the side view was great when you looked in the mirror it was hard to see anything in front. Then came the birth of B curl, C curl, CC curl, D curl, L curl.

The B curl has a better curl but might not give that oomph people need however I found that it works very well for people with very curly lashes and gives then that relaxed look they want.

The C curl is my favourite curl. As far as I am concerned it gives the best lift and makes the eyes really pop through and still look natural.

The D curl normally does not work for us here because most of us have curly lashes and it will probably look too fake.

The L curl is for those whose lashes face downwards and helps to give that lift.

Now the thing is that different brands have their curls looking different meaning one company’s D can be another company’s C curl and vice versa so this might be why you may not get the same results from different technicians if they use different products.

Next week we will talk about how we use different thicknesses, lengths and curls to achieve the best eye styling for you. If you have any questions or topics you would like covered please contact us on


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