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Hey a lot seems to go into eyelash extensions than just sticking it in does it not. I must admit for the first 2 years I worked I did not do much of eyelash styling. Later, I realised that eye styling was very important for eyelash extensions as it is for makeup. Different eye shapes required different styles to ensure that they looked good. We do not want you leaving with droopy eyes that make you look sad instead of looking bright and awake.


While almost everybody request for the cat eye or feline look I have come to realise that it is not very flattering on a lot of people except they have a specific eye shape.


The popular eye styles are

  1. Cat/feline look
  2. Squirrel/kitten look
  3. Dolly look
  4. Rounding effect
  5. Natural effect

The dolly look is the most flattering to all eye shapes.

While working on your natural lashes I would use different lengths and curls and thicknesses to give the best suited for your eye. The lighter lashes would get thinner extensions while the strong ones would get the thicker extensions suited for it.


image courtesy of Frankie Widdows of Eyelash Excellence

For a more detailed explanation of the looks and how it will suit the thickness and length please see your lash technician and ask for advice


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