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Eyelash extensions come in different thicknesses. In the not so distant past the only ones available were .20, .25 and .30 thicknesses. As the art of lash extensions evolved it was seen that these thick lashes would damage the natural lash because they were too heavy especially for people who did not have strong lashes.


The great thing with advancement is that there are now lashes that are thinner and lighter for the eyes. This will help to preserve the health of the natural lash and they give the natural fluttery look we all love.  Now we have .18, .15, .12, .10, .07, .06, .05 and very recently .03.  from .10 and lower thickness is used for volume set. While .18, .15 and .12 can be used for classic sets after the technician has assessed the health of the natural lashes.

image of lash thicknesses

Therefore, people who have more widely spaced natural lashes may never have the full look of someone who has closely spaced natural lashes.

Just remember that when you request for thicker lashes you will probably be putting your natural lash in danger. Be informed.  Asking for full thick lashes without damage is like trying to find a calorie free ice-cream.

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