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Hello everyone,
When people hear semi-permanent eyelash extensions, I always get asked questions so I will try and answer below:
Q1. What is the process like?
Ans. The technique used is isolating one lash and attaching a single lash to your natural lash. The client will be lying down comfortably with eyes closed. The lower lashes will normally be taped down with an under eye pad.
Q2. Does it hurt?
Ans . No it should not hurt you. I even encourage my clients to have a little snooze if they wish.
Q3. How long does it take?
Ans. It should take between 1hr 39 mins to 2hr 30 mins depending on how fast the lash tech is or how full your lashes are.
Q4. Do the lashes feel heavy?
Ans. No they feel like your own natural lash because depending on how thick or light your lashes are… there are different lengths and thicknesses to suit you.
Q5. Why are they called semi-permanent lashes?
Ans. Every lash goes through a normal cycle and sheds off while a new one grows in that place. This is why it is called semi-permanent.
Q6. Will it hurt my natural lashes?
Ans. If not fixed properly yes it could so make sure anybody fixing lashes for you knows cares about your eyes  and is not about making quick cash.
Q7. Whenever I fix lash extensions I feel it has chopped off my lashes?
Ans. You are now used to seeing longer more glamorous lashes and don’t forget they are longer than your natural lashes
Q8. How long does it last?
Ans. After 3 weeks you will notice it is not as full as before. I tell my clients to come in for refills not later than 4 weeks. If put for a special occasion you can allow it shed naturally or come back and have the lashes removed professionally. Please do not pluck!
Q9. How do I care for the lashes?
Ans. Wash it gently, pat to dry, no rubbing the eyes, if u sleep on your face u might need eye masks. ….no oily substance around the eyes.
Q10. Will I need to use mascara ?
Ans. You can use an oil free mascara but I tell my clients they dont need mascara
If you have more questions you can ask in the comments section and I will answer you as well as update this post.
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